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Blogspot Or WordPress For Beginners With No Experience

Blogspot or WordPress for Beginners: For so many new bloggers coming into the content publishing industry they’s always been one question that will make you think for a while and that’s WordPress or Blogspot which is better. This question looks very plain and simple but has to be the most asked question for every new blogger.

Blogspot Or WordPressIn this blog post, we’ll be providing a piece of more detailed information about both platforms so you can make a good choice. This blog does not by any way promote any of these platforms rather we’re here to give you beginners a guide in making a good choice.

What is Blogspot

Blogspot but Popularly known as Blogger is a Free content Publishing platform owned by Google. Blogspot is a very beginner-friendly platform that doesn’t require much technical knowledge to set up and they offer this great platform for free. Statistics proved that 70% of professional Bloggers today started with a free Blogspot account.

What is WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management platform that’s written in PHP for content creators. WordPress is a software that allows users to install on different servers. The fact that WordPress is an open-source project has given many software developers the privilege to build additional software that are called themes and Plugins

Themes and Plugins are add-on software that’s installed on a WordPress site for extra features like speed, responsive WordPress themes, Website Security, and more

WordPress or Blogspot Which is Better

Research shows that what 80 percent of people who are new to blogging search online is Which is better Blogspot or WordPress ?. This is a question I have seen many times and whenever I come across such a question I only have one word on my head playing and that’s ” Who’s gonna tell them the truth without being Bias “.

Of course, it’s easy to say one is better but it will be more complicated without any detailed explanation. As promised I am not here to give you who to choose rather am here to give you an in-depth explanation of why both exist so you can make your choice based on what you’ve understood.

Blogger (Blogspot) is a free blog-publishing system that was originally created for the purpose of helping people to publish online for free. It was like a forum but in this case, you own your own space and have limited control over what can be published and Blogspot is great if you just have the intention of just sharing your content online.

WordPress is a great platform on its own and was also created for a similar purpose of content management but was with a solemn interest of enabling publishers to earn from what they post online and with WordPress you have full control over how your content performs online

What is The Purpose of WordPress?

WordPress was created as a blog-publishing system but has evolved to support other web content types including more traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries, membership sites, learning management systems (LMS), and online stores.

WordPress or Blogspot Which is Best

Personally, I would Advice anyone who wants to blog to earn fees to start with WordPress because it helps you grow your audience faster and also have a plug-ins feature that helps your site to rank faster on search queries.

If you just need a place where you can share your opinion and insight then you can opt-in for blogger(Blogspot) because it’s easy to get along with and it’s almost free if you don’t want to get a custom domain. This is what I think in his aspect of choosing the best platform to start with.

Is WordPress Good for Blogging

Yes, WordPress is very Good For Blogging Because from what I just explained, WordPress gives you full control over how your site performs which is a green flag for blogging.

Blogspot or WordPress for SEO

For me and many other SEO Experts, WordPress is the go-to guy when you want a perfect SEO for your blog. The ability to install plugins puts WordPress at the front of the game when it’s about SEO because one can easily install and optimize The search engine(SEO) related issues of any website on WordPress. So my answer to which is the best blogger or WordPress is simple, I choose WordPress.

Creating Free Blog at Blogspot or WordPress

both platforms are indeed free but as I mentioned earlier, WordPress is a software that’s installed on a server which means it’s not zero capital to start but Blogspot on the other hand is totally free so my answer is Blogspot

is WordPress or Blogspot Better for Starting New Blog

Depending on the purpose of starting the blog, If it’s to share your thought without the plan of making sales or money from that blog then Blogspot is cool. Yes it’s very True you can monetize your Blogspot site but to some extent, you can maximize  some features like email marketing, Creating leading, or even installing page builders but these are very possible with WordPress so my answer depends on the purpose of Creation

Does Blogger Own My Content

No, Blogger does not own your content. You have control over your contents and you can export your contents but you can’t export files uploaded on your site because you don’t have access to the server where those files are uploaded to

WordPress or Blogger for Adsense

Both platforms can perform greatly on Adsense but it all depends on our niche that will determine your earning

Difference Between Blogspot and Blogger is basically a sub-domain service. Whenever you create an account or blog on blogger, you will automatically be provided with a Blogspot sub-domain name like “”. The confusion among and Blogspot is due to the webpage that opens while trying to access both of them. Since “” also leads to the site “”, it has become a common perception that both these terms are the same.